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Pragathi - My Grand Daughter


Darling Grand Daughter

"May the sun bring you new energy by day
May the moon softly restore you by night,

May the rain wash away your worries
May the breeze blow new strength into your being,

May you walk gently through the world and
know its beauty all the days of your life."

~ Your Loving Family & Friends

Dear Our Sweet Pragathi, Good Afternoon.

We are very happy and eager to receive you to our sweet home. Thanks for Evergreen Healthcare for their loving service to you and your dear Mom during your stay there. We are really grateful for their care.

Your loving parents and grand-parents are taking good training to help you to grow well. We are hopeful that you will be very happy to be with us.

Many near and dear people have inquired about you and conveyed their good wishes. Your uncles, aunts; sisters, brothers; friends and grand-parents are very eagerly waiting to meet you and greet you at our sweet home. Please get ready and come soon. Bye Bye.

Yours lovingly,
Parents, Grand-parents and near and dear


We treasure your gifts of love, warmth, understanding & cheer

Dear all,                                                 17 September, 2007

Thank you very much for your loving messages and best wishes to our sweet little one, Pragathi. And she is doing fine in the loving company of her beloved parents and grand-parents both maternal and paternal.

- Parents & Grand-parents of Little Pragathi Seattle, USA

Dr Mahmood Nizam

Dear Mr. Kasani,
Congratulations to you and Mrs. Kasani upon the the arrival of your grandaughter Pragathi Please give my congratulations to your son Ajay and and your daughter-in-law Aparna as well. Hope you are doing well
Best regards
Mahmood Nizam

Prof. Arun Mukherjee
Department of English
York University

Dear Somaiah:
It is very nice to hear from you. Congratulations on the birth of yours grand daughter. Pragathi is a very nice name and I like it very much. Alok and I loved meeting you at ACLALS and are happy to know that you enjoyed it too. I went to Frankfurt for a week to teach a course on Dalit literature. I came back on September 8 and am now working hard to prepare for my class tomorrow. Let us keep in touch and god willing, we will meet again, at another exciting conference.
Best wishes, Arun

Nagi Reddy, IPS

Dear Uncle,
I am happy to hear from you about Pragathi. Hope the baby and her mother are doing fine. Regards to Ajay.
I am enclosing two Photos of Harshyathi taken on Independence Day.

Ajmer and Surjeet
Writers & Translators

Dear Somaiah
Million congratulations to all of you on the auspicious arrival of little Pragathi into your family.
It is a beautiful name. She must be adorable. We join in the elation of Aparna and Ajay and indeed the whole family.
But as before we can read only left half of the graphic you sent.
- Ajmer and Surjeet

Dr. K Satyanarayana
The English and Foreign Languages University

Dear Somayya saar,
Congratulations to you , Ajay, Rani and all your family members.Give me Ajay's mail id and phone number.

Ashok & Sunitha

Congratulations!! Good to know that Rani and the baby are fine. Convey our congrats to Ajay and Rani. We warmly welcome Pragathi into our world.

D S Prakash Rao &

Dear Somaiah garu, Congratulations on turning grand-parents again.
We wish you & Pragathi lots of love & happiness. Pragathi is indeed a very sweet name. We are certain, she will be a bundle of happiness & joy for all of you. On your next visit to Hyderabad, we hope to meet Pragathi and all of you.
love & best wishes to Pragathi.
warm regards
Prakash Rao & Varalakshmi

K S Rao

CONGRATULATIONS ! YOU ARE GRANDFATHER AGAIN. We are indeed very happy hearing the news. Please convey our congratulations and best wishes to your son and Daughter in law.

Murahari Valupadas

Congratulations, you have a grand daughter now. She is a Laxmi of your home and will bring new light. Have good time with your family and convey our Best Wishes to all.

Basappa Sharana

Our congratulations to you, and we wish good health and happiness to your family.

Ahalya & Yadagiri Bathini

We are very happy to hear the good news. Convey our congratulations to Ajay and Aparna (Rani). Praghathi is a beautiful name. On this occasion of becoming a grand parents again, our congratulations to you and auntie.

Ramprakash reddy
& Sreelakshmi

Congtratualations on becoming grand father one more time. Our Vinayaka chaviti subhakankshalu to you and your loved ones.

Vivek, Kavitha,
Sai n Siddu

CONGRATULATIONS! Please convey the same to Aparna's family also. Great news

Sudha & Krishna

Congratulations for your new family and God bless your granddaughter.
Best wishes,
Sudha & Krishna

Lakshmi & Anand, Ananth & Akhil

Hello aunty and uncle,
Congratualtions to all of you!. Hope mother and baby are doing fine. Our best wishes to the proud parents and loves to Pragathi. Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to all of you!

Prasanna & Suresh

Great to hear the news...please convey our congratulations to Ajay and Rani. Pragathi is a wonderful name. We love that name.

Lavanya Reddy
President, WATS

Beautiful name. Congratulations. She will be a pragathi in every way. Blessings to her
Annaiah garu, i am on my way to LA. Will talk to you on Monday. Love To New Parents.
-sis lavanya.

Rachna, Swapna &

This is great news!! Congratulations to you, aunty, Ajay and Rani. Pragathi is a beautiful name. Peru vinagaane oka positive attitude madi lo kalugutundi:) We all liked it. We will look forward to see chinnaari Pragathi's pictures.

Sudheer Amireddy,
Aparna & Narcy

Uncle & Aunt, Ajay & Aparna
Please accept our hearty congratulations and very best wishes on the arrival of a new baby...I know what arrival of the first baby means...Hope you are still excited.. Having baby means, living your life once again from the day one.

Please accept little, little kisses and whole lot of blessings for Pragathi..
Always Your's,
Sudheer, Aparna & Narcy.

Shanthi & Durga Prasad

Hearty Congratulations. Pragathi is really good name. It reflects ur thoughts. Me and Durga will come and meet u soon.

Murty & Lakshmi

What a great news! Congratulations to you all!! Please convey our hearty congratulations to the proud parents. We like the name 'Pragathi' very well. I think it's both simple and creative at the same time.

Vishnumurthy Kodumuru, Nagasree & Arun

Dear Uncle:
Thank you for your email and congratulations to all of you.

Sujeevan Kalam & Radha

Please pass my congratulations to the new parents and I wish them all the best.

Ravi Dasika

Hearty Congratulations to all of you and a warm welocme to Pragathi.
Best Regards,

Mohammed Shatnawi

Big congratulations Ajay and Family.
Pragathi is a gorgeous little girl with a very nice name. That's PM material man. One can obviously see the love, joy and pride you have in her; and all for the right reasons. Hopefully she will grow a healthy, happy, and smart child.

Avis Sas

She is absolutely precious! Congratulations on your lovely new daughter!

Seth Romanow

Congrats, Ajay!

Gurmeet Gill & Tarlochan

Congratulations Ajay & Rani !
Being Mom and Dad is a biggest responsibility and reward.
Please let me know when the mom is back home so we can pay a visit. Congrats again.

Francois Burianek

Congratulations! She is very cute - hope she doesn't keep you up too much. Thanks, Francois

Reena Agrawal

Congrats Ajay. Wishing you and your family a life time of happiness with this bundle of joy.

Venkat Balasubramaniyan

Congratulations Ajay. Great News.

Ying Sun

Congratulations Ajay, you are a proud father now. Your daughter is adorable. Take care.
Ying S.

Gina Cohen

Oh congrats, Ajay!! Pragathi is just beautiful - such a tiny little thing but she looks healthy and gorgeous. Congratulations to you and your wife and here's to a very happy and healthy baby!!

Nicki Good

Yes - congratulations!! I am so excited for you and your family. :-)

Ehab Elgohary

Congratulations Ajay. This is a very nice picture and a very nice name. I hope she gains her weight soon and become strong as her father :)

Dhriti Dixit

Congratulations for your little bundle of joy.

Zach Zhang

Congrats Ajay! Our project team is even stronger with one *brand new* member.

Connie Bloom

Congratulation Ajay!!!!

Colin McCaig

Many congratulations on your new baby!

Kenny Lin


Vijaykumar Ramanujam

Congratulations Ajay. I wish the little one good health, peace and prosperity. Take care all of you.

Nabeel Abuhamdeh

Congratulations Ajay, and best wishes for Pragathi with long and prosper life.

Prashanth Nimmagadda

Congratulations to you and your wife. I wish your daughter the very best of life.!

Alexei Kourbatov

Congratulations and all the best wishes Ajay, to you and your entire family!

Mansoor Mannan

Congrats :)

Jiong Feng

Congratulations for your new baby!

Tiger Feng

Just back and see this great news.
Many congratulations!


Congratulations Ajay and Rani ! This is great news :-) :-) and a nice name too. Your family site rocks dude.. I have a similar idea for my family but never got to it. You inspired me now.


Congratulations on the arrival of Pragathi, Ajay and Rani! Hope things went smoothly for Rani. Dinesh and I are still waiting the arrival of our little one (due this Sat.)
~Take care : Yogita

Vikram and Shalu

Hi Ajay and Rani, A big Congrats on the arrival of your little angel! May God Bless Baby Pragathi and you families. Baby Shirene would love to meet her friend Pragathi pretty soon so keep in touch!
Warm wishes, Vikram and Shalu :)

Dr. Usha

Ajay & Rani Congratulations. Pragathi seems to have got the best of both of you. Enjoy being parents for you will realize for the first time that you can give more love than you ever thought you could.

Amy & Dough

How wonderful, and what a lovely baby! You look like a beautiful happy family!
Love, Amy and Doug

Melissa Steiner

Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful new baby
Melissa Steiner

John, Hazel, Kinnera, and David Inman

Somayya, I want to thank you so much for passing on the beautiful photo of Pragathi. Ajay and Rani must be so very proud. Your site is such a beautiful tribute to your family and this page to Pragathi. As she grows she will have this to look back on to remind her how loved she is in this world. My family wishes the very best to Ajay, Rani, and Pragathi. What a wonderful family!
Your friends John, Hazel, Kinnera, and David Inman

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